while sitting 

in the little waiting room

at my optometrist’s office

I looked up from my reading 

as a man entered 

 the wave of his cologne

washing over me

my nose was overwhelmed

drowning out my other senses

 I knew it was being absorbed

into my clothes, my skin, my hair

my eyes began to burn and water

luckily he was called first

I felt for the doctor

 and was reminded of him

when I entered the examining room 

where he had left his mark

moving on

toward his next unsuspecting victim.

“i think it’s interesting that ‘cologne’ rhymes with ‘alone.’ “

-demetri martin



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  1. Men and women can taint a room with their cologne and perfume clouds for sure, Beth. My dear wife Karen and I wrinkle our noses, suffer tearing eyes and even move seats in the movie theater. Whatever happened to moderation?

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  2. As someone suffering from ‘hay fever’ but mostly allergies to many things, perfumed people are or can be a true and rather terrible problem to me. I once had to tell a dear friend that she mustn’t take my sitting somewhere else personally but that although I liked her perfume, I couldn’t cope with it. She was gracious about it, her husband said: But I like it; I bought it for her…. Well I should hope he didn’t pay a lot of money because he hated it on her! 😉

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  3. Btw, I had to insist that the guys at the garage did NOT put any air freshner spray into our car after the service and that they must NOT smoke while working in it…. To me the car stinks for two months after a service, HH can’t smell anything…..
    And the rhyme doesn’t work that well, as you’d say Colognjè which doesn’t rhyme with alone…. but we give Demetri 5 points for trying 🙂

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  4. Great discussion on the chemical warfare men and women have come to accept as normal. Marketing has done a number on us and now everything is fragranced. Given that “fragrance” is a proprietary blend of chemicals designed to trick the brain into thinking it’s smelling flowers or fruit, mfr’s don’t legally need to disclose their ingredients. Anything can be hidden in “fragrance.” #cleanhasnosmell


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