little dark house.



back in the day

when my girls were little

if there was a power outage

I would tell them

we were just like the family

in ‘the little house on the prairie’

 we could pretend we were them

 have lots of fun

it was okay for a while

until it got old

the novelty wore off

when there was

no pa playin’ the fiddle

no butter to churn

no humming and singing

no stitchin’ to be done

no cows to milk

 then we just had to wait it out

and it was not fun.

“where a light can’t live, i know i can’t.” 

-Laura Ingalls Wilder, Little House on the Prairie




image credit: nbc tv


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  1. How sweet! Not having had TV, I had to find ‘stories’ to quieten my son who was horrendously afraid of storms with lightning and thunder…. I used to step out onto the balcony from which we saw Lake Zurich (and the lightnings zig-zagging into it – maybe not such a great idea after all!), having my child in my arm and in the other arm holding my dachsie who was shivering too with angst (thunder)…. telling stories about the weather, the light, the music the clouds made…..
    The things mothers do to calm and entertain their children just to keep them safe.

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