speed decorating.


olive the cat not the oil

startled for no reason

(as often happens with both of us)

jumped off the ledge 

 right onto my favorite lamp

 startling both of us

(now for a reason)

I see it as her way

of not so subtly suggesting

a redecorating idea.  

“my personal decorating style is cozy,

romantic and a little rustic, with a sense of whimsy.”

 – k. schlapman

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  1. Beth, you are the BEST(est….!!!). Made me laugh out loud, although I shouldn’t be at the laptop at all…. Just quickly sending you a hug and offering my compassion! My dog managed to do the same – now I have a lovely husband (if a bit uncoordinated with his hands, arms and feet, if you could command the universe with his brain however, THAT would be a different story!!!) for that sort of reaction! 🙂

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    • popeye’s woman? yes . this cat, no. she is not the olive oil as is used in delicious italian cooking. but maybe she wants me to spell her name the popeye way, and her breaking the lamp was her protest?

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