the origin soup 

on thursday I went home with a cold

looking for comfort food

not wanting to go to the store

I made soup out of what I found in my kitchen

I  put it all in a crockpot, turned it on, and waited it out

 problem was

after 4 hours

it did NOT taste good

I added more herbs and some fresh salsa

I waited it out

tried again

nope, not good

added more things

now on day 4 of the soup saga

added in even more things

continued cooking

next move

add in tomatoes

but that can wait

until the morning

it’s now taking on

a creamy porridge texture

still slow cooking it

some beans still hard

still does not taste good

now a lot of soup

I could easily survive

the rest of the winter

if snowed in with this soup

it would still not taste good

but I would never go hungry

this might go on forever

like a sourdough starter

perhaps I can pass it on

to my children one day

tomorrow will be the best day ever

when the soup will all come together

I just know it.

“cooking is the art of adjustment.”

– jacques pepin

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  1. I did same thing last winter. Finally, in desperation, I threw in two of the envelopes of fajita seasoning from those kits (usually end up using my own spices). I had a stack of tortillas in the freezer because we never end up using the whole package, so I cut them into strips and browned them, and voilà! Tortilla soup! It went from awful to comfort food. (There might have been some sour cream involved. Don’t judge me…)

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  2. peas porridge hot
    peas porridge cold
    some like it in the pit 9 days old….
    This rhyme was true to the soup cooking of days of yore. The just kept adding to the old.
    A couple more days snd you’ll be there!!😉🤣

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  3. Last week I made a tomato broth and added mussels near the end. It tasted okay, but was missing something. By the time I finished it three days later, it was much better and I’d figured out what the initial problem was. Adjustment, indeed.

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  4. I hope you feel better and I would have thrown it out the first time I didn’t lie the taste. You’re really funny. You may be wasting the things you’re putting in it to make it better when it’s NEVER going to be better. LOLOLOLOL

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    • Thanks, and you’ll be happy to know that after I added colorful peppers and a pinch of cloves, it now tastes good, but is super thick. I ate it for dinner over rice )


  5. What a crazy wonderful story – I can see you there, standing – weak in the knees – in your kitchen and whatever you do, it’s NOT getting any better. Maybe instead of sharing with your future grandchildren, you’d rather toss it and start anew…. 😉 Hope you’ll get better real fast now, seeing that the soup doesn’t work!

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