glittery wheel of misfortune.


when my laptop charger suddenly stopped working

and I couldn’t get it to fit snuggly into

the magnetic biggish hole thing with the connector dots on the one side of my computer

(technical jargon)

I reluctantly made a trip to the apple store and bought a new charger

I took it home, tried to plug it in, and got the same results.

I then took it to my local guys who work on apple stuff

asked how much it would be to replace that part

and instead of giving me a price

one grabbed a pair of tweezers

and pulled something out of it


“it should work just fine now.

it looks like a tiny piece of.metal, ย glitter? somehow got in the hole.”

well, come to think of it, ย I have had a few glitter ‘incidents’

where it was stuck to me or other people around me or on things…

so –

price for the tweezer instant repair method. free.

“fortune is like glass – the brighter the glitter, the more easily broken.”

-publilius syrus


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  1. Back in the day, we scrimped and saved and finally were able to afford a VCR and every animated Disney movie ever made. (Yes, weโ€™re THAT old). One week after the warranty expired, so did the VCR. I brought it to the repair shop and the guy took off the back. He started laughing, dumped out a rainbow of Lego bricks, and it worked fine ever after.

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  2. this does sound familiar! And you DO have a lovely bunch of local repair guys. We just had a discussion on HOW to get rid of our table top PC w/o having to shell out 100-300โ‚ฌ just to be sure that its HD won’t be ‘re-used’ for any dirty tricks…. Haven’t found the solution yet. I said ‘Hammer the life out of it?’ – Didn’t seem to impress HH….

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  3. How kind of them to NOT charge you for glitter removal… one can only try to imagine how glitter got into the port… Glad it has been fixed and you have a new and improved cable.


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