panic in the paper aisle.


World’s Largest Roll of Toilet Paper

10 feet high and 8.5 feet across.

weighs two tons.

contains a million square feet of squeeze-ably soft toilet paper.
will last me 1900 years.
according to my math
i’m good.

“i tend to stay with the panic. i embrace the panic.”

-larry david




credits: ripley’s believe it or not museum, branson, missouri, usa

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  1. I don’t know Larry but I salute him – he’s an unknown brother to HH who declares himself often: Je suis un Paniquard (I am panic-ing over nothing and everything – mostly however over VERY important and life-altering things – and we have had a few these past years)


  2. Hilarious. I buy toilet paper in 48 roll boxes because I have sensitive plumbing and what I can get here for that is not great. By coincidence, I just ordered some. I’m going to look like I’m motivated by something other than being out of toilet paper…

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