between terror and fear.


maintain a distance of at least one alligator between each other. 

Officials all over the country can’t stop emphasizing the importance of practicing social distancing to slow down the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

Now leaders in Leon County, Florida, are giving people an interesting visual to help them maintain the proper distance from others.

“This is a reminder that during COVID 19, please remember to keep at least 1 large alligator between you and everyone else at all times,” Leon County said on Facebook.

To slow the spread, officials are enforcing stay-at-home orders and urging citizens to practice social distancing, by standing 6 feet apart.

“i’m also fascinated by the difference between terror and fear. 

fear says, “do not actually put your hand in the alligator,”

while terror says, “avoid florida entirely because alligators exist.”


-mira grant




credits: CNN, Alaa Elassar

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  1. I saw that on YT and honestly thought that it was a great gag…. so it was a real suggestion! Well, they have enough gators to put one in between every 2 people – mustn’t take a baby one though!!!

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  2. I saw a post from the WWF saying you had to make sure there is enough space to fit a young male polar bear… this assumes a lot of knowledge of polar bears…

    This alligator one, might work better…at least in a place where someone has seen an alligator.
    Around here our wildlife is all fairly small… maybe some sort of horse would apply, or 20 rabbits in a line…

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  3. I rarely have a spit-coffee-on-keyboard moment, but this was one. I have an entire folder of images titled “alligators,” and there are several I’ve met that could have been models for the sign.

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  4. Maybe people should take alligators out on walks to assure social distances are maintained. I’ve thought about going out with my 8 foot long boa constrictor wrapped around me. I think that would keep most people at a good distance from me. Seriously, out here there’s not many people, so it’s easy to be distant.

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  5. Well, that’s the first time I hear that one! Wouldn’t work in Québec, though, since there are no alligators. Maybe I should challenge our officials will come up with something creative too.

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