both thoughtful and wonderful gifts

both ways to mark my days

both things i like

whimsical animals

whimsical heroes

which to choose

easy decision


it’s always good to get a second opinion about what day it is. 

think victor hugo would be proud of my skills. 

“concision in style, precision in thought, decision in life.”     

-victor hugo

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  1. Even though…. can I have the whimsical one please. I don’t want to risk an argument with HH….
    btw, you’re not living in Perth?
    AND I have my very own photo calendar…. April with a picnic table-bench scene along a river in spring green …. want a picture of it?

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  2. reminds me of the old Miller Lite commercials which suggested before Miller Lite came along, people had to choose either a less filling or better-tasting beer. Miller Lite allegedly solved the problem by giving beer drinkers both choices in one beer…

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  3. I think one year our local volunteers made a calendar… but it wasn’t annual.
    And well I’ve got (a retired after several decades of volunteer service right at home… 😉 guy helping me keep track of my daze…

    Love the bunny!

    Stay safe. ((hugs)) Jules

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