old and rusted

i wonder about the day

when the child

left the bike here one last time

never to enter that tiny house again. .

“what do we leave behind when cross each frontier?

each moment seems split in two:

melancholy for what was left behind

and the excitement of entering a new land.”

-che guevara

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  1. Sometimes we don’t even realise that we’ve reached that moment of no return. It just happens. We step forward and we don’t look back. Until, sometime in the future, we remember, and wonder.

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  2. So many times we don’t even realize we’ve moved on. Trying to remember the last time I ever rode my blue bike, something I loved but, of course, I can’t remember. My bike was so important and then I walked away, like everyone else. We do that throughout our life, leaving things behind, sometimes without a second glance.

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