watched a live cooking lesson

with chef isabella

working from her home kitchen

making pasta primavera

she’s italian, passionate, spirited, direct

naturally hysterical

i learned some techniques

as well as

her recipe, hand gestures, italian numbers, and lots of improv skills

at one point in the lesson

part of her burner broke

she just cursed and moved to another

there was a live feed for the 500 of us who were watching

at one point, her husband, pazzo, who was helping

made his own funny comment to the viewers on the feed

pazzo to everyone:

“omg, lmao. $100 says that stove is gone when the quarantine is over…if not sooner!”

no wonder they are married

no wonder it was all so fun

no wonder i’m going to make pasta primavera

brilliant, every minute.

“i’m not sure I’d write a good cookbook, but I might make a good cooking show.”

-christopher walken

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  1. Is that something we can view on one of the share platforms? Ytube, video etc…? This is funny because over lunch on the patio with wine from Puglia I told HH about the Italians living above us in my first wedded life as z v.young woman and how they so generously offered me their own home made dark green, cloudy olive oil in a 1.5l straw covered Chianti flask. They were loud, swearing, charming, singing and laughing and ever since I ADORED and ADORE the Italians. Sono tutti pazzi, gli Italiani.

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  2. Now I have to go find it on Youtube — maybe there’s a link? πŸ™‚

    Years ago I had a cooking show on TV — it was a 10 minute segment of a lifestyles show — it was great fun but wow – what a lot of work, even just for 10 minutes!

    enjoy your pasts primavera cooking!

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  3. This is great! For my wife’s birthday yesterday I had a “virtual” cocktail making class with a great guy who runs a business called @pourtaste. He gives you the history of drinks and you all make them together via Zoom – 25 of us – it was great!

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