from a mother to her daughters.


happy mother’s day

to my daughters

who have shared in

my seemingly endless graduations

and all of

 our many, many other adventures and misadventures,

i  am grateful to you and love you for this

you’ve made me happy

watching you all grow

from amazing daughters into amazing mothers

you are my idols. 

“i don’t have to be perfect.

all is have to do is show up and enjoy

the messy, imperfect, and beautiful journey of my life.”

-kerry washington

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  1. You just covered my sentiments perfectly well Beth. Mum of 3 daughters, I think of my mum who added a son 14 yrs after the oldest and 9yrs after the youngest of her 3 girls…You mums are my example…. My mother today was relieved to have had the calls of ALL her 4 children…. Happy Mother’s Day to you and all mums in your orbit. Also a thought for all those who couldn’t have children!!!!

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  2. Happy Mother’s Day Beth!
    I’m not a mother, but I stayed in bed until noon eating homemade apple pie and watching Mildred Pierce with hubby!
    Just cashing in a bit on your holiday! 😉

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