swap meet.


 this sign in a local store

so funny and makes a good point


i found myself

swapping out a box of rigatoni

for a homemade strawberry shortcake donut

it all depends on supply and demand

and irrational cravings

i consider the transaction a win-win


a battle of the titans


 there are days

when i would swap in the other direction.

what have you swapped during your quarantine?


“america ships tons of sugar cookies to denmark,

and denmark ships tons of sugar cookies to america.

wouldn’t it be more efficient just to swap recipes?”

-michael pollard


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  1. I understand swapping rigatoni for donuts. That is just good common sense. But to swap in reverse would require two important factors. First, I would need to have some irrational craving for rigatoni, which has never happened before. And I would need to be sitting on an excess of strawberry donuts. And I am not sure how many donuts I would need to have to think I have too many. That also has never happened before. Great post, Beth, and the quote is hilarious!

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  2. I’m with Brad. I can’t ever imagine a situation where I would want to swap a donut for rigatoni, but I would gladly get rid of some rigatoni, especially for a homemade donut.

    And once again, a perfect quote to go with your story…

    I hope you enjoyed the donut 🙂

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  3. For us, Beth, it’s more like ‘Georgia and Bert might like/need that’ when we’re venturing with our masks and we leave a little present in our neighbor friends’ garage. Soon enough, we find a pleasant surprise in our front alcove.

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  4. We haven’t bartered anything yet, but the comments have been fun to read. And the sign is cute. I remember thinking how far in the future the year 2000 seemed. And now it’s 2020 and we are for real living in that SciFi pandemic movie.

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  5. I haven’t swapped anything yet..but if someone offered me a 36 mega roll pack of Charmin..what would I be willing to let go of…I’d say my sewing machine, but I may need to make some masks.. I’d say my coffee maker but only if things got really desperate..
    What would be a fair trade..hmm.

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  6. I loved this and especially Pollard’s quote at the end. I swap lots of things, especially in the craft department. Patterns for fabric, If I am free with what I have, it always circles back around to me. So if you need anything, just ask. Mine will come later from somewhere else. There is a saying and I don’t know where it came from being a secular person of faith but it says “You can’t out give God.” I’ll swap too though. 🙂

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