(not me or my shoes, but she wore them well and they were clearly essential)

way back in march

when quarantine suddenly began

for some reason

the first things i immediately ordered were

a cherry blossom doormat and a pair of glittery shoes

(both are always good to have on hand during a pandemic)

the mat arrived quickly and is happily living outside my door

the shoes however have not yet made their way to my door

as it was determined that they are ‘non-essential’

and therefore will be delivered sometime late in june

one woman’s essential is another’s folly

all a matter of perspective.

“the first essential, of course, is to know what you want.”

Robert Collier



image credit: MGM, The Wizard of Oz

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  1. That word ‘perspective’ is coming up a lot at the moment. One never knows how important a pair of glittery shoes may be to another.
    You know what they say about anticipation.

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  2. There are a million things we don’t think of as essential, until we don’t have any. Obviously, a pair of glittery shoes would fit that definition, especially when they are your feet. A humorous view of our current times, Beth. Well written! 👠

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  3. I ordered a collection of Keats poems that has yet to arrive. I would think a book of poetry would be essential. Hmm…I don’t pretend to understand women and their shoes, but I’ve learned to appreciate and honor it.

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  4. The BEST(est) ever…. love this. I ordered 4 curtains. First OK, then NON AVAILABLE, then ‘we reordered them. They’ll arrive very soon, then after 7 weeks arrival if two….. 2 weeks later no 3….. upon my demand for no 4 they said: we have reordered them again but have no idea if and when they sd be available! I now wonder how all our neighbours judge this household —- first no curtains, than two, than a third….. forth ? Will it ever arrive? Who knows,?

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