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  1. Very thought-provoking, Beth. They made an experiment with coloring one person (only seen under black light) sitting together with 7 others around a table. After they had dinner all were colored. Some in the face.

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    • I do too, and I think this illustrates how any large gathering right now, no matter how festive, can lead to more spread. I do look forward to the return of the faires


  2. I try not to buy cards with glitters. I got a dress with glitters for my two years old granddaughter and found out it was not a good choice especially for little kids.

    Hubby said washing the hands is not the best way to stop the spread but wearing gloves is a better solution. Working in the hospital, demonstration was done by putting powder in medical professionals’ hands, then they washed the hands thoroughly. After that, they put the “clean” hands under the blue light and spots of powder were still there.

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