art houses.



the wizard house

the purple house with the sun


so many stories here


“every spirit makes its house,

and we can give a shrewd guess from the house to the inhabitant.”

-ralph waldo emerson





images: Ann Arbor, Michigan – Traverse City, Michigan

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  1. Love the fact that the owners were not afraid to be different. I am sad to say that even though I love it I’ll rather blend in with the rest of the people.

    If I do have the opportunity to go totally out of my comfort zone I will paint my house Orange and Yellow…. It is such happy colors and my favorite fruits are bananas and oranges…..

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      • Thank you… it’s wonderful to have place to call home……

        Hold Me

        Take me to my home.
        Home is where my heart is.
        Home’s on that windy hill.
        Above a secret valley.
        Hovering, a heavenly cloud.
        Take me to my home.
        I’m waiting here alone.
        All packed ready to go.
        Vacating this old place.
        Leaving this world behind.
        Take me to my home.
        The beyond will be greener.
        I know you’ll be there.
        You’ve been waiting so long.
        I know you’ll hold me again.
        Hold me in our home.

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  2. I love when people are willing to express their creativity. That’s why I’ve always admired students who would come to my class with bright green hair for no reason, wore clothes that didn’t fit in with the crowd, or show up to class with their skateboard…

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  3. I love art on houses! These are beautiful! If I lived in a real neighborhood that didn’t have all these dumb rules, I’d do something fun with my house too. Now I just hang quilts and embroidery projects in my windows. I love the wild garden on the first house too. If only…

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