thanks as i wait for you.



so lucky

that this amazing offer

found its way to me

you will be the first to know

when the

eight million and some change

is in my hands

only a matter of time

now, to figure out

what to do with all of it.


Sorry for my intrusion into your comment post.

I really want you to contact me through my official email addressΒ esq.advocate.betty@gmail.comΒ regarding a deposit of eight

million five hundred thousand dollars left behind by my late client who is a national of your country.

upon your response, I shall send you detail informations about this fund and why i contact you in the first place.

Thanks as I wait for you.

Betty Nicholet Esq


“every man is a damn fool for at least five minutes every day; wisdom consists in not exceeding the limit.”

-ebert hubbard






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  1. That’s fine, but I’ll take the one who has been admiring my writing for some time, and for a yet-to-be-determined sum will make me world-famous around the world: “Please to respond soon, yes? Fame and fortune soon gone!”

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  2. They keep trying. It’s a numbers game, some more vulnerable people get taken sometimes and its very sad and unfortunate. I find them funny when they attempt to scam me but someone like my dad, he has been scammed multiple times before. One time he brought a money order to mail, I cant remember how he found out but at the last second before sending it he somehow did.

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