while visiting my niece’s school

in the beautiful woods of northern michigan

i realized that it wouldn’t be

a real end of their school year goodbye

without a bear to see them off.



“but of course, it isn’t really good-bye, because the forest will always be there…

and anybody who is friendly with bears can find it.”

-a.a. milne






pathfinder school, traverse city, michigan, usa

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  1. Schools mostly finished this week in California. Lots of virtual graduations, although I did drop by one graduation party and there were forty people, none of whom were wearing a mask.

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  2. this comment stayed stuck – so I will post it with some delay….

    What a lovely tradition – our (well not ours but ….) kids went back to school 2 or 3 wks ago and won’t get any notes for this last semester or so. And on a side note: It’s always good to be on good and sweet terms with any sort of bears….. Sending you a bear hug!

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