forever look up.


driving through the irish hills in michigan

i came across this interesting old barn

still standing

but with a roof 

now open to the sky

what a beautiful upward view.

“once you have tasted the taste of the sky, you will forever look up.”

leonardo da vinci

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    • The Irish Hills – Written by Dan Cherry

      As immigration into the newly-christened Michigan state territory reached its peak, a small knot of Irish immigrants, some seeking new life in the United States, others fleeing the ongoing Potato Famine of 1846, called a small portion of northern Lenawee County home. The rolling hills and crystal lakes, it is said, reminded them of their home country and they acquired that tangible reminder of Ireland. Names like Kelly, Killarney, Brighton and Monaghan can be found on modern maps, a tribute to the original area in which they resided; the 1 ½ square-mile area around white is now St. Joseph Shrine.

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