i’m going to guess this is the car of an artist

i wonder what her/his vision is

for these beautiful pieces of wood.

a treasure trove. 



“my work isn’t about form. it’s about seeing.

i’m excited about seeing things,

and i’m interested in the way i think other people see things. 

-roy lichtenstein

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  1. YOU would have loved the place we visited this past Saturday. Stayed with dear friends in another part of our country and ate al fresco in a ‘cantine’ where the world is in order, people are kind and considerate, every scrap of wood has been turned in a piece of beauty and enchantment, blooms and flowers everywhere, fresh and home made food. I’ll send you a few pics to your private mail address…..

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  2. How utterly splendid. We are forever coming back from the beach with sensuous looking driftwood. It’s served us well and looks far better than the usual lumber from the Home Depot (if we had such a thing here!!! 😀 )

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  3. OOOW! That’s my kind of treasure. I used to love collecting natural debris and making things from them. Everyday that I walk, a pinecone finds itself in my pocket from the street. We would load boulders and tree limbs for yard projects. I used to be so strong. ;( Now a pinecone is as heavy as I lift. 😉 I’m lusting after that find in your photo. 😉

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    • I am the same with collecting natural things and good thing I’m a preschool teacher, as they are natural collectors as well. ) I know, that pile on top of the car is pretty appealing….

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