roads filled with cars

topped with kayaks, canoes, rafts

seeking water

going upstream

on a streak of hot summer days

looking like soldiers off to do battle

armed with water toys and sunscreen.

“as one goes through life,

one learns that if you don’t paddle your own canoe,

you don’t move.” 

-katherine hepburn

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  1. Firstly, discover the waters edge
    Then launch your canoe
    And before you start moving
    Decide on your direction
    Rowing vigorously upstream
    Or paddling easily downstream
    Either way, take into consideration
    Your journey back home

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  2. I’m always and evermore amazed at your ability to find the ‘just right’ combination of quote and photo….. It’s this time again although with us living in a landlocked region (albeit not too far from a small lake) we don’t see too many canoes on car roofs, but tons of bikes, sometimes even motorbikes, waterboards etc. Thank you for the smile.

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  3. Katherine Hepburn and the kayak make me think of On Golden Pond. There wasn’t a kayak in that movie, but there are few more things in life more pleasurable than cruising around on a lake in a canoe or kayak.

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