no one knows.


oh, audrey, class of 2020 –

this harkens back to my days 

in the 70s

painting on my best friend’s parents’ new car

(my parents said absolutely not)

proudly plastering on

the glory of our days in school

the coming glory of our leaving

driving around all day

in the hot sun

 noticing with surprise

when we scrubbed it all off

 even though the paint was gone

the sun had baked our message on

the marks from the paint remained

never able to be truly washed off

memorializing our message into eternity

 my friend’s parents with an equally surprised reaction

 at least audrey painted on the windows, not the body

she will go far, that one. 


“no one knows what’s a good idea or a bad idea until you try it.”

-marc randolph

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  1. That happened to my first father-in-law’s prize 1959 Ford Fairlane when the first X and I went on our honeymoon with tempera paintings my brother had done all over it. We ended up having to polish all that off the car and then waxing it.

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  2. Let’s hear it for Audrey, and for all of the other graduates that didn’t get the chance to go through their moment of glory with a graduation ceremony.

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