word of the day:  twitterpated

part of speech: adjective

origin: American English, 1940s

  1. infatuated or obsessed
  2. in a state of nervous excitement


Examples of twitterpated in a sentence:

“‘Nearly everybody gets twitterpated in the springtime.’ — Bambi (1942)”

“The family is all twitterpated as they pace around the waiting room for the announcement of the new baby.”


When was the last time you were twitterpated?



“words, words, mere words, no matter from the heart.”

-william shakespeare

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  1. I was pretty twitterpated to discover there was a word ‘twitterpated’ (nervously excited about using it because it needs to be used but I expect a lot of people will think I’m talking about Twitter…)


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  3. I don’t know this word, one keeps learning. I don’t think I use it though, it sounds like I forget it by tomorrow and it sounds a bit hard, not soft, if you know what I mean. The word cherish is one of my favourites.

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  4. I love that one – I only knew that birds or small children are twittering – and then of course TWITTER came and changed our world…. this is a lovely expression!


  5. Wow, I always thought it was a word invented by Disney! Thumper provided perhaps the best visual of a definition ever 🙂 And I find it interesting that it’s my Chocolate Lab who often reminds me about things worth being twitterpated about – usually things that smell or taste good 😉


  6. It’s been a long time since I’ve had need of that word. I remember it well. I’m old of course so there you have it. I miss that word and will now set forth to find a way to use it again. Thanks for the reminder.

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