sometimes, bad days are there to remind you that you have good ones to look forward to. – author unknown


six years ago, and the message still applies to all of us –

I didn't have my glasses on....

IMG_0121like the day

you stood on the upside-down water table

with your beloved blankie and pacifiier all dirty

a bandaid on your scraped-up foot

mosquito bites itching

an empty bug net

and a turtle with a snapped-off tail nearby

 you can’t find your shoes

your diaper is wet

 you’re tired

and your shorts are all twisted-up.

and then –



it is the next day

and the sun is shining


you have a fancy cocktail

right in front of you


floating fruit cut in shapes

a special bendy straw

and you are standing

at a table just your size

with your fancy red shirt on

and your smile

is as big as the universe


in an instant

all is well with the world

once again.

here’s to you, baby j, as you continue to persevere

and find your way through the world, even after the tough…

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  1. I find that I ‘bug out’ from all the bad vibes that abound, especially in the era of COVID (and I’m not diminishing concerns people have on COVID…) but I find it is just as easy to choose to ‘be happy’…after all, it is something we can control in an out of control world, hey?

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