the best time is now.


what impeccable timing

as soon as i had finished working on puzzles

on my favorite old table

putting pen to my journal instead

olive also changed hobbies

from puzzling to journaling

at exactly

the same time and place


“the best time to begin keeping a journal is whenever you decide to.”
― Hannah Hinchman, A Life in Hand

“i’ve decided that the best time is now.

the puzzles are gone, there are no open spaces in a puzzle to fill in by laying on them with my body,

no pieces to quietly and slowly push off the table with my paw, and no frame to snag and break apart with my claw.

perfect time to begin a journal.”


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  1. ha ha ha….. she’s a clever one, that Olive! I’m a dog person but I quickly want to tell you a cat story. Yesterday (Tuesday) we had guests for an evening meal which we took outside of the flat on our ‘porch’. There were still some kiddies out with their parents, and we counted 7 cats doing their rounds and passing our place by. One, a beautiful and elegant black cat PARADED back and forth in front of us with a huge mouse in her mouth. She clearly SHOWED OFF! Then, seeing that there was another neighbour’s kitten also sitting a bit apart, she paraded past her with her mouse too….. It was home cinema of the best – pets’ programme of the finest!

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