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  1. Duuuuuude I love this perspective paired up with the quote! Gave me the warm and fuzzies. Plus a little more hope as sometimes you’re so deep in the mom-job-tug-of-war-struggles that you forget this from time to time. Great reminder!

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  2. All this talk of ‘bubbles’ which allow more than one home to call themselves a ‘household’ must have an effect on kids.

    “Who do you let into your bubble?” Getting an answer to that question requires a different kind of introspection and you can’t help but wonder how it effects kids. Declaring your closest relationships in a concrete way could be a really positive thing for young people as it can remind you about what’s most important.

    Lovely picture and a lovely idea (which I apologise for over-analysing :P).

    Hope you and yours are keeping well 🙂

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  3. I loved your post.

    “What we raise is a greater priority our what we do.”

    I loved the beautiful comments by our friends across the world and your responses.

    We are all connected in one large circle.

    Jim stewart, jim borden, hitandrun have summed up your work in beautiful single lines.

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