apples, lumber, and shiny rocks.


drawn in by a homemade sign, a wave, a hi

to my favorite kind of store

some kids, a table, and some stuff


apples, lumber, and shiny rocks

they had not sold anything

i’d love to be a customer,

but i’ve no money with me, i said

it’s okay, take some things and pay us tomorrow

we might even have juice then, too

they gave me credit!

without hustle, talent will only carry you so far.” 

— Gary Vaynerchuk

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  1. love this post. when my wife and I first got married, we made a vow to each other to never pass by a kid’s lemonade stand. I think 39 years later, we’ve kept that promise, whether we’ve had to cross a four-lane highway, take a turn out of our way, etc. It’s just a throwback to the old days, and we love supporting it!

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