today at school

we looked up

way up

on top

of the carved art pole

covered in languages

all saying one thing


   a hopeful sign

 the kinder

could not stop watching

this beautiful bird

as it flew up to the tree

and off into the sky. 

we may be losing the ability

to understand animals who are not pets or horses.

we have less contact with them.

we don’t (most of us) tend to know even cows or pigs,

let alone bears or wolverines or red tailed hawks. 

*-marge piercy

*Marge Piercy (1936) is an American poet, novelist, and social activist. Her work includes Woman on the Edge of Time; He, She and It, which won the 1993 Arthur C. Clarke Award; and Gone to Soldiers, a New York Times Best Seller, a sweeping historical novel set during World War II. Piercy’s work is rooted in her Jewish heritage, social and political activism, and her feminist ideals. She influenced the Women’s Movement through both her writing and her unconventional life.

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  1. We have a hawk that frequents the sanctuary behind our house.. a majestic bird..but he (she) terrorizes all the other birds guarding their nests. I know it’s just circle of life stuff and that nature is cruel blah blah blah.. but I can’t figure out whether I love the guy or loathe him. To take a photo or to shoo him away that is the question…haha!!

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  2. I can’t imagine not knowing hawks or herons or elk or deer or chickadees or nuthatches or seals or salmon or owls or hummers or … well … this list goes on and on. My community is broad.

    The photo looks kinda like a Rough-legged Hawk, but I’m not positive.

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  3. The importance of seeing nature…never more true! We had an Eagle’s nest in a tree right outright our house…I would tell everyone how exciting it was to hear the chicks as they were fed, the massive Eagle perched on the edge of the nest, facing inward to feed the chicks…then waking up to discover what happens as the beautiful bird sits there looking inward…my sidewalk was “painted”! Messy, but that’s nature!

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  4. A wonderful experience and a wonderful post! Hurrah for hawks! I regularly see them soaring above the town where I live (just outside Boston, MA) and I always feel somehow blessed by their presence/existence. And many years ago a small one (maybe a sharp-shinned hawk?) alighted on our back fence for a couple of minutes…

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