the power of humanity.


“we stand at a crossroads.

do we choose ‘the will to power’

or ‘the will to humanity,’

or perhaps a new configuration of both:

the power of humanity?”

Yasmine Sherif (The Case for Humanity: An Extraordinary Session)

25 days

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  1. I think we are always at a crossroad and things can change so suddenly but I would hope for a path like the quote suggests where two paths converge and the ideologies of the left and right kiss and make up 🙂

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      • I’m Swiss, living now since only a few months again in Switzerland, having friends on three continents and many countries, having lived in UK and France as well as Canada and being widely travelled too, i worry ALL tHE TiME, for everybody, my frien ds everywhere and although I’m a deeply apolitical person, you CANNOT be stumm with all the horrible stuff going on elsewhere. Hero husband and i have divided and exchange our views on politics, he’s always top informed on what goes on in uk and i keep up with the merde going on in the US. I’m just glad that we don’t have to worry overly any longer about the French going ons… just keep in close contact with your daughter, keep talking to each other and give each other the joy of sharing the daily small stuff.

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  2. The one thing I am sure of is that if global politics don’t change and we don’t start to take more care of this precious planet that we call home, as well as taking care of others, we are going to remain on a downhill spiral.

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  3. I remember seeing this photo when I was contemplating a recent blog post. I don’t think I chose it, but it sure grabs one’s attention. I hope many are on the same path I’m on.

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