it’s complicated.


oh, we all have those days

you start out by not having your water bottle

so you get a special halloween cup of water

 it gets tipped over when you are cutting

you go to get a paper towel to dry it up

but you come back with what you can find

toilet paper

 that gets wet and mushy

 the extra part rolls out on the floor

 your coat falls off of the back of your chair

 the paper you were cutting gets soaked and chopped into little pieces

because you are really good at cutting

 you can’t find the cap to your marker

because it rolled off your table

 now it might dry up

all you have left are the dark color crayons

 you don’t get time to finish your cheez-its

because you are trying to clean up

the ones that are left get wet and are mushy

you go out to recess and run and run and go on a pirate adventure

your teachers love you anyway and tell you it happens to them too

and it’s all okay.

“there’s no limit to how complicated things can get,

on account of one thing always leading to another.”

-E. B. White

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  1. This made me smile. But still, teachers are not like us, the rest of humans. You’re special. But thank you for trying to make it seem like you’re just one of us ❀

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      • No you’re not!
        When I was little I was at the farmers market with my mom on the weekend. I saw one of my teachers and hid behind mom and kept watching her in disbelief. Like, omg, she shops for food. Which means she probably eats like the rest of us. I was taken by this for days. And in class I was looking at her, “I know your secret. You go shopping for food and you probably eat it. Like the rest of us!”

        Love you all. You’re still superheros to me. β€πŸ™


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