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  3. In my composition classes I used to ask my students if they. had any dead friends. They first thought I meant friends who had died, but I meant friends who’d shared their ideas in books. God they loved that idea and for some it changed the whole world of reading, thinking there might be a friend between those covers. My friend, of course, is Goethe. ❤

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  4. Books can give us a way to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes – a real or imagined creature! – without our feet ever touching the ground. I’ve always loved that, and in a time with much less travel, books are invaluable.

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  5. Am going thro the phase where I have come to think: “Oh, what’s the use?’ While it is Absolutely True that We connect with the Author, ‘Whenever’ She or He might have written it, there is the case that there are Very Few Honest, Serious, Readers.

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