a blustery autumn day

on the shores of lake michigan

the wind and the sea so full of life.

as wave is driven by wave

and each, pursued, pursues the wave ahead

so time flies on and follows, flies, and follows,

always, forever and new, what was before

is left behind: what never was is now:

and every passing moment is renewed.


lake michigan, arcadia, michigan, usa – october 2020

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  1. Wow…there is an ancient poet… with some excellent words…. I wrote a poem called , RENEWAL; Lost on the River…


    Lost on The River

    Rain is pouring down
    Like a river from the sky
    Ground is becoming drowned
    I’m lost on the river
    I cannot be found
    A wall of water is pulling me out to sea
    How will I ever reach high ground
    Then a tree branch grabs me
    A man’s voice yells, “Stick around”
    In the blinding deluge, I cannot see
    The man’s saving hand guides me
    Drenched, shaking, I’m dragged aground
    I feel secure with his arms around me
    “Don’t worry little fella, you’re safe and sound”
    I pant, and lick his face from ear to ear
    I was lost on the river, hell-bound
    But now he’s saved me
    And beside him, this will be my town

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  2. I’ve just looked up Arcadia on the map and was surprised to see that there is a town called Frankfort nearby. I grew up on the other side of Lake Michigan but went to (and later worked at) a summer camp near Muskegon.

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