raised from the earth.


 happy discoveries

we found our way in and out of the corn maze

by following the grandies through the rows and fields

then found hot air balloons

followed their colors

past the moon and the trees

saw their beautiful flight and landing

 all on an afternoon spent among things raised from the earth.


“imagination is to love what gas is to the balloon-that which raises it from earth.”

– letitia elizabeth landon

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  1. ha ha, last week a dear friend had a special birthday and although his BIG party had to be cancelled for the time being, we knew from his wife that they wanted a FAMILY OUTING in a ‘Montgolfier’ as a special gift…. AND I found, in my VAAAAAST collection of English cards, the REAL one with a hot air balloon, held by doves and I could therein place our well wishes….

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  2. Before the pandemic, hot air balloons would float over Napa Valley vineyards, and one time I heard one over our house and opened the door right as the bottom of the basket bumped our roof…they landed moments later down the street…oops!

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