feeling safe walking the streets of ann arbor with these powerfully kind grandies


“sports are sports. it’s all about how we carry ourselves out of the ring.”

-george foreman

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  1. George Foreman’s story is fascinating…he was a VERY angry young man, and a very unpopular boxing champion. It took his downfall for him to re-imagine himself and his outlook on life, and he has become a beloved figure, who has a product that actually works beautifully!

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  2. I love the quote. How we carry ourselves is what should matter. I did a Wikipedia on George Foreman and found out that he has twelve children, five of whom are boys. Their names are George Jr., George III (Monk), George IV (Big Wheel), George V (Red), and George VI (Little Joey). On his website, Foreman says, “he named all of his sons George Edward Foreman so that they would always have something in common.”

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  3. my son did judo when he was small. Sadly he lost interest when he was at what, the orange? belt. A pity really, he was good at it and he had a means of letting go of all that pent-up energy from going to school all day.

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  4. It’s so good for them to have a strong sense of self and not be intimidated. Cuties. My son started Karate and the bullies started leaving him alone when they saw him coming out of class. He never had to defend himself again. 🙂 It’s in their presence.

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