bread is.


my first bread.


3 personal goals this year –

1 didn’t happen due to the human factor,

1 didn’t happen due to the pandemic,

 1 did happen in spite of everything- 

i learned to make bread.

1 out of 3’s not bad.

“bread is a celebration.”      

-lynne rossetto kasper

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  1. My father taught me to make bread when I was in my teens Beth. And still to this day, whenever I make it, I think of him and how the love of baking bread was passed from his heart and hands to mine. Congratulations! Your bread looks yummy. (though btw, me and sourdough are not that chummy!) 🙂

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  2. Bread! To me and Momma Benedetti bread was everything!! She worked at a Jewish bakery for years and we had fresh bread EVERY night …. Love it! Love it! Love it! (Unfortunately, it doesn’t do
    anything for my waistline, but whatever…. :>)

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