do you remember?


who remembers this?

sitting backwards

making faces

rolling around on turns

cigarette smoke-filled air

fighting over who could sit there

the door that swung open

back window down

best seat ever.


“like all great travelers, i have seen more than i remember, and remember more than i have seen.”

-benjamin disraeli






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  1. We called it the Vomit Comet. It was mint green with red pleather interior. Because there were 10 kids, my parents actually had to take two cars when we went on trips. In those pre-cellphone days, my main memory is driving down a freeway in one vehicle and seeing the other one heading across overpass in opposite direction.

    Good times!

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  2. We had a car just like that! And we did the exact same things. One of the most fun things we did was when my mother was driving on the highway, one of my siblings in the front passenger seat would open the window and throw out a cotton ball and it would travel to the back of the station wagon and come back in through the side window. I loved sitting in the way back and looking at the drivers behind us. Sometimes they would wave and my friends and I would duck down! Thanks for the memories, Beth 🙂

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  3. Ah yes. Hair in pigtails, the family dog drooling on my leg. Looking back now, those are
    Cherished memories. Back then, my brother and I hated the whipping wind (no a/c so windows stayed open) and argued about who went over their side first 😂

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  4. I look back to those days in awe of my parents. Traveling cross-country with four boys and a station wagon full of camping stuff was not a task for the meek. Somehow, they weren’t fazed.

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  5. Oh the memories this brings up. I think the worst of it was the cigarette smoke of both parents riding from NY to Georgia in summer with 2 brother sick with measles so they tacked up army blankets all the way around to keep it dark and so hot. Thought we would all die on that trip. With 4 kids, we always had a station wagon.

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