slow down.


“let your children see you slow down.

read a book, walk in the woods,

sip coffee in the early hours of the morning.

because when they grow up,

they’ll know how to slow down, too.”

-angela anaghost-repke

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  1. I like this, Beth; I like this very much: we have much to learn from the tortoise and the snail; there is too much emphasis on speed: sport is the main offender here, though in fairness it is skills that are honored too; an international day in honor of Slowness is not a bad idea; inspirational post 🙂

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  2. Like the other commenters, we all intellectually understand the importance of taking time to ‘slow down’ – ‘stop and smell the roses’ – but knowing its importance and following through with it are two entirely different things. I think that bringing in the idea of setting an example for your children might make doing so more conscious! Great post!

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  3. One simple thing I often did in my classroom was to read and write when the kids were doing the same. Teaching by example is one of the most powerful teaching tools. It was my way of teaching them that these activities hold value and stop everything and join them.

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  4. My dad used to say, “slow down. Things go faster that way. “ He was right – it’s much easier to get clarity and move forward when you pause. Every time I get stuck on something, I can hear his voice saying that.

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