more about boxes – joy edition.


after my recent post about those who ‘keep boxes’

my longtime friend, a brilliant apple systems engineer

texted this mind-blowing response to me:

“thought you might like to know that the apple engineers designed the iphone box

so that the amount of time it takes to lift the top off is 4 seconds –

just because their research showed

that it was the amount of anticipation that gave the recipient the most joy”

β€œi have drunken deep of joy, and I will taste no other wine tonight.”

― Percy Bysshe Shelley



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  1. [Creation ??]

    Eve’s enticing apple
    Fell from God’s tree
    And hit young Newton
    On his hairy head
    Then the apple rolled away
    Into Bell’s telephone box
    And here begun “All Creation”
    The first born “Apple iPhone Box”

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  2. Perhaps I am an odd bod but I really don’t like how we are manipulated by companies… how they know all these psychological tricks. I find it scary. I love boxes. But I don’t like Apple boasting about how clever they’ve been with their box design.

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    • I understand, and know that almost all products/companies use this practice, even if it’s just to make their design or packaging pleasant to the eye. I don’t think they were boasting about it, more giving the backstory of why people may be drawn to their boxes and what they put into it.

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  3. although it’s not in the same league, my mate and I had burgers brought from Barry’s Burgers at Semaphore and he was awestruck at the neat little boxes they came in; and it took us a little under 4 seconds to open them, but oh, the anticipation πŸ™‚

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