oh, liectenstein reader, who art thou?


 i have exactly one blog follower

in the micro country of liectenstein

with so many interesting things about this amazing tiny place

here are just a couple of examples:


in 1886 liectenstein had an army of 80 men who fought during the austro-prussian war

they suffered no injuries or deaths

and returned with 81 men because they made a new italian friend from the opposition army.

the army was disbanded soon after and they haven’t had an army since. 


and then there was the accidental invasion which didn’t cause much of a stir:

i really love their approach to life

and i’m guessing my one reader is a pretty laid-back person

and with such a tiny country

perhaps a descendent of that new italian friend they brought back from the war?

here’s to liectenstien!


“be so good they can’t ignore you.”

-steve martin


image credit: expat.com

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  1. I used to be slightly acquainted with a very talented lady from Liechtenstein who studied in Bern, Switzerland (where I also studied, but much earlier) and later worked in Frankfurt. But she has been living and working in New York for many years, so I knew right away that she couldn’t be your folllower from Liechtenstein.

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  2. I love this! I also remember a short bit from Steve Martin’s comedy routine when he said: “a great man once told me something profound, which I’ve never forgotten…he said ALWAYS” (brief pause) “No wait, NEVER…”

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  3. how nice that you found your one follower! I hate to brag, but somehow I’ve got two followers from Liechtenstein. As you say, they must be really laid back, and apparently enjoy blather.

    Perhaps the people of Liechtenstein didn’t react because they got the Swiss army mixed up with people from the the Red Cross…

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  4. Who cool that you figured out who your one follower was and that it turned out to be a true follower and not someone who you’ll never see or hear from again.

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  5. I’ve been to Liechtenstein — beautiful small country (kind of an appendage to Switzerland but not really, if that makes sense). They have some beautiful history, too.

    “While the Western Allies and other countries in Europe complied with Soviet requests to repatriate Soviet citizens regardless of their individual wishes, Liechtenstein was the only country that stood up to these demands and informed the Soviet government that only those Russians who wanted to go home would be permitted to go.[3] Those soldiers of the 1st Russian National Army who chose to return to the USSR were summarily executed by the Soviet military authorities after their arrival in the Soviet Union.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_Russian_National_Army

    There was a bit of an international “to do” when Liechtestein dug in its heels over it being the choice of the Russian soldiers whether they were “repatriated” or not. The Russian soldiers were boarded in the homes of Liechtensteiners and worked on the farms and married into Liechtensteiner families.

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