what’s your secret?


i’ll never forget that wonderful yellow cake with the warm apple topping

 my mom would sometimes serve us after dinner

 years later when i was a mom

i thought of it again

asking her for the very fancy recipe

 she was surprised

oh that? it wasn’t fancy at all

i bought a pre-made pound cake, cut it into slices,

heated up a can of apple pie filling, and poured it on top.

then i was the one who was surprised.

What secret family recipe is in your lineage?

“don’t let the secret recipe die with the inventor.”

-nathan myhrvold

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  1. Typically male, I was to busy eating to notice a recipe. Thank goodness my sister has continued the tradition of our family recipes, passed down from our grandmother and added to by our mother. I never leave her house without a box of old-timey culinary delights.

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  2. made me grin widely…. aaaawh, mums and their little secrets! We are four children and all four absolutely LOVE to cook. For ourselves, family, friends, invitees – and we are all really good cooks. I also adore cookery books with ‘stories’ attached, lovely photos, but I rarely follow any recipes. It’s just to feast my eyes – then I go, open my fridge and look onto my treasures here and there, and off we go. So no secret and/or passed-on delights, just some very lucky genes allowing us to cook delicious food for little money.
    When I was still very young and freshly married, I once won the 1st prize of a cookery competition, a ‘waffle iron’ – and I still giggle at the way I won. I composed, sitting at my typewriter, a fun compo (sort of a pizza if I remember correctly) with absolutely no idea of what I was writing down, just inventing on the go and with no carbon copy of my winning recipe…. 🙂 That was fun – and it still is as even now – when asked ‘How did you make this’ I can only give vague ideas – but one ingredient is always added and very important: LOVE!

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  3. That’s a great one, Beth. My sisters carried on my mom’s homemade periogi recipe. I adopt some of her best tricks but use a box of Mrs. T’s as the base. My daughter has taken on my pierogi cooking style, so on it goes.

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  4. My mom used to make noodles–flour, salt, water, and a little oil. She’d roll the dough up into cylinders and cut small noodles. She’d package ’em up and freeze ’em. When I got older, she’d let me help her cut two-inch pieces, small and narrow wedge-shaped. Some she left longer, but we had many a casserole with those two-inch noodles. She was born and raised in Warren, Ohio.

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  5. A box of Raspberry gelatin (follow box directions), drained & thawed frozen raspberries (use the juice as part of the cold water instructions on gelatin box), refrigerate, when semi-solid state (about 2hours) add desired amount of whipped cream (about 1 cup) to make a simple, delicious marbled raspberry jello treat. A kid favorite during the holidays for our family.

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  6. My mother did that with crepes she made and added the canned apple pie filling on them. It was because it was only for special occasions. We were in heaven when she made them. I don’t think we could even afford cake then. I never made the crepes the way she did. It’s the childhood memory that makes it so special.

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  7. Beth,
    LoL! I’ve been trying this for three days now and still haven’t gotten it right. I tried it straight up with the canned pie filling. Not right. I added sliced peaches to the pie filling. Better but still not there. I’ve just tried vanilla ice cream to the peaches and apple filling. Much better, but still not quite perfect… I then noticed there is some kind of white topping on the filling (in your picture). What is that? Is it simple frosting (water and powdered sugar) or some thing else? Just asking… My wife is getting tired of my experimenting. (Again, LoL!)

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