dinos in snow.


today we took the dinos

out of their safety zone and into the snow

they went

in the playhouse

down the slide

in the hollow log

in the sandbox

climbed up

jumped down

made footprints and snow angels

roamed on dinosaur island

played tag

went to a party

ย loved the snow

they all had a such a good time and were worn out.

“my son’s always showing me pictures of dinosaurs and asking me what their names are.

i don’t know, so i make stuff up:

that, son is a thesaurus.”

-craig ferguson

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  1. Beth, too funny. When our kids were little, my youngest son had this stuffed alligator that was five feet long. When we moved into a new house with woods behind it, I placed said alligator out in the woods and we went alligator hunting. It was delightful. He laughed when he realized it was his stuffed alligator. Good memories. Thanks, Keith

    PS – The alligator eventually lost one of his plastic eyes, so my wife sewed a black pirate patch over his eye. It tickled us ever time he played with it.

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