almost time to awaken to spring. 


“there is a time for many words, and there is also a time for sleep.”





image credit:  Wintersleep (giclee print) by Marjolein Caljouw

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  1. I found out that your quotation comes from Book XI of Homer’s Odyssey. Here’s the passage in a different translation:

    “Ulysses,” replied Alcinous, “not one of us who sees you has any idea that you are a charlatan or a swindler. I know there are many people going about who tell such plausible stories that it is very hard to see through them, but there is a style about your language which assures me of your good disposition. Moreover you have told the story of your own misfortunes, and those of the Argives, as though you were a practiced bard; but tell me, and tell me true, whether you saw any of the mighty heroes who went to Troy at the same time with yourself, and perished there. The evenings are still at their longest, and it is not yet bed time—go on, therefore, with your divine story, for I could stay here listening till tomorrow morning, so long as you will continue to tell us of your adventures.”

    “Alcinous,” answered Ulysses, “there is a time for making speeches, and a time for going to bed; nevertheless, since you so desire, I will not refrain from telling you the still sadder tale of those of my comrades who did not fall fighting with the Trojans, but perished on their return, through the treachery of a wicked woman.

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  2. What a sweet, beautiful painting.
    SPRING is in 3 weeks!!!!!
    I can hardly wait. However, I will enjoy the rest of winter & not wish spring to be here sooner. I don’t want to wish my life away. 😉😘

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