book fairies.


how sweet to find this book 

 sitting outside on the window ledge of a downtown store  

on a sunny saturday

just waiting for someone

to pick it up and take it home to read. 

gratitude to the book fairies.

“books are companions, teachers, magicians, bankers of the treasures of the mind. books are humanity in print.”

-barbara w. tuchman

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  1. I think i will be reincarnated as faerie…
    ““Fairies with gossamer wings,
    Bring forth beauty, grace and joyful things.
    Fairies of the earth are caretakers of our soil, water and trees,
    They watch over beautiful creatures such as bears, bunnies and bees.
    Fairies ask that you breathe in and appreciate the vantage point from which you stand,
    Then trod carefully and respectfully with each intentional step you make across this beautiful land.”
    ― Molly Friedenfeld

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