“poetry is plucking at the heartstrings, and making music with them”

– dennis gabor





photo credit: vermont garden journal

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  1. I think my violin strings are working ok…. here’s an excerpt from Ingrid’s review of my new book “Tullawalla”
    “The acid test for poetry as far as I’m concerned is ‘does it touch the heart?’ and Ivor’s book does more than this: it breaks the heart then puts it back together again, then lifts it up above the clouds into a landscape of rainbows and dreams:”

    ‘I then saw in our narrowing crevasse
    the universe, in a blade of grass’

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  2. These are a popular type of fuchsia around here in the summer. They have many common names. My favorite when I was a kid was “Ladies in a bathtub” because it had a Fantasia like quality to it thinking of these as tiny plant ladies bathing in their flower tubs.

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  3. poetry is art in our everyday and it’s how we use it to express ourselves but the quote you just said is something I never heard before & it got me intrigued. I also write poetry on my page as well, so feel free to check it out but have a good day !

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