came across this open door

when walking in the park

  so many questions. 


“answers are closed rooms; and questions are open doors that invite us in.”

-nancy willard




argo park, ann arbor, michigan, usa – march 2021

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  1. Enter or Exit
    A door does not have to be a physical barrier. Not an original thought of course, but one to rethink. Everything we do or say is either entering or exiting. Opening or shutting.

    And when we see a door that says: KEEP OUT! We want to break it down. lol

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  2. What an unusual find this is! How can the tree still stand upright with such a tremendous bit missing right where it must hurt? It’s like an amputation….. and the stem looks sort of empty too – so is it just a shell of a tree?
    We have a saying that ‘if a door closes, God opens a window…. I never heard that one by Willard and I am not yet sure I agree. To me answers are door openers to cries from the inside to help, at least to open the shutters…. isn’t it interesting what we hear when we hear something?

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  3. Far be it for me to want to spoil anyone’s imagination, since I myself would have stuck a fairy bed in there myself, but I will say that this tree has lost it’s co-dominant trunk. It’s other have likely split off during a storm or from disease, hence leaving the door for new companions to come.

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