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  1. It was dark when I first opened my eyes, Beth, but I rolled over instead of getting up. It was light when I got up and changed the clocks that needed manual changing and drank the first cup of coffee of Daylight Savings Time 2021 and thanked my dear wife Karen for taking care of giving Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle breakfast today.

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  2. I like DST. The ‘spring forward’ thing is a pain, but come June, it’ll be light at 10PM. In Oregon, we voted to stay on DST year round. CA and WA did too, so the whole west coast is on board. But it has to be okayed by the Feds, which probably won’t happen.

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    • Jim, now i’m seriously jealous. YES, let’s just go ahead with summer time and KEEP it…. When this discussion started in Switzerland, we were probably the last country who adopted the ‘then’ changes. Because – and hold on to the table in front of you – the cows don’t give their milk willingly at any other time than….. ! I failed to find a difference in the quantity and quality of Swiss milk since. And now the whole caboodle is in discussion once more to revert to the ‘forever winter time’ as it was in the 60th. God, give me strength! 😉

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  3. DST reeks all kinds of havoc. My sister need meds at a certain interval and calculating how to get her back to a schedule that works for her took all three of us math wizards here. 😉 I am not a fan. Great quote helped ease that pain.

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