50 years of love and tears.


hard to believe

it’s the 50th anniversary 

of this movie’s opening

 everyone i knew

rushed to the theater

swoon-worthy *ryan o’neal and beautiful ali macgraw

over-emoted their way through it

it was everything we expected

and more

a dramatic, tragic, ill-fated romance

a love story for the ages

 inspiring endless tears and endless post-viewing talk 

going to see it again and again

somehow hoping for a different ending. 

” love means never having to say you’re sorry”

– jennifer cavalleiri (ali macgraw in love story)

(we loved this famous confusing quote from the movie, and had deep discussions about what it meant)

*interesting tidbit –

writer erich segal, based ryan o’neal’s character on a hybrid of his college housemates at harvard:

Tommy Lee Jones and Al Gore

image credit: paramount pictures


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  1. I loved that movie and now I just feel OLD. Very interesting information and those were some interesting roommates. I didn’t see many movies in those years and not sure how I managed to catch that one but it sure stuck with me.

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  2. One of the biggest tearjerkers ever. And with possibly the biggest spoiler to start – he says she’s dead in the first scene! Who knew it would be such a raving success. There must have been magic, as Ryan O’Neal and Ali McGraw are still close friends.

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