sorry in advance.


not me, she has better nails, though we do have a similar look and stance when excitedly interrupting. 

“i don’t mean to interrupt people but i just randomly remember things and get really excited.”

-author unknown, but exactly what i would say


does anyone else have this issue?

i promise not to interrupt your written answer. 

i’m working on it.






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  1. I nibble my nails when nervous
    I nibble my nails when distraught
    I nibble my nails when annoyed
    I know I really should not

    I nibble my nails when interrupted
    I nibble when I’m overwrought
    I nibble my nails when excited
    Seems nibbling is all that I got

    (problem solved)

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  2. My sister told me off about this recently and I really took it to heart. I don’t mean to be rude, merely commenting on something that’s been said (and some people do take ages having their ‘turn’ to speak). Something I’m working on, though.


  3. In the Pacific Northwest we tend to speak slower and we pattern ourselves with pauses for a mutual exchange in thoughts. We do it unconsciously. When I first went to Florida with my then boyfriend/now husband he became a different person, usually so quiet here, but there interjecting to share his part of the conversation. I was patiently waiting for a pause to say something. but the conversations just seemed to be energetic verbal dogpiles and I didn’t know how to participate. Finally there came a pause and I spoke up, systematically offering my point of view on the last eight topics they’d just discussed over the last two plus hours. Ha,ha,ha. I think I do a much better job fitting in when I go to Japan then when I find myself on the East coast of the US.

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