today at the toledo zoo

 so many beautiful animals

the birds – stunning


the very curious and friendly woodpecker

hanging on the screen following us around

staring and blinking

so cute and cheery

 reaching over to touch it

quickly reminded me

how it got its name

when it pecked my finger

 with the memorable touch of

a sewing machine needle/jack hammer

decided right there and then

to just admire each other from afar in the future.

“all bad jazz sounds like woody woodpecker.”

-leo kottke – musician



image credit: Woody Woodpecker – Walter Lantz Studio, Universal Studios

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  1. I wonder how many folks (young folks) could identify that picture today.
    Not many I’m thinking. 😦 A thing of the past.
    I miss that laugh. Found it on youtube (of course). No, didn’t miss it after all.

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  2. I’ve never been close enough to even think about touching a woodpecker, but they do fascinate me. Haven’t heard any around here, come to think of it, but it’s a relatively young neighborhood with trees not yet woodpecker size.

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