1971 –  with all my sibs and cousins – 8 of us

2021 –  2  gone too soon – missed by 6 of us

“a cousin is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.”

-marion c. garrety




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  1. Cousins are a unique breed. They are seen as siblings, yet they never compete against us for our parent’s attention and love. Though they are no longer physically here, they still look upon you with great hope and love, in much the same way you look at the photo and think of them so fondly. They are never really gone as they live on within our hearts. And I do not know what is was about those years, but plaid must have been the thing. I have plenty of old photos with some horrible plaid shorts and suits. May their memory always bring a smile to your face!

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  2. As children and teenagers we had fairly close contact with one group of cousins. My parents were estranged from most of their families though, so I didn’t ever get to know the other cousins very well. We lost contact with even the cousins we had been in contact with, and I hadn’t seen any cousin for over twenty five years. Then introduce Facebook. Suddenly I was in touch with a lot of my cousins. We’ve gotten together a few times, usually at a funeral. Last winter I found out that the cousins I had really gotten to know better bore the mental illness that runs through my family, and none of us have escaped the scars from it. I’ve dropped contact with them as a result. I’m so glad to read of a family (yours) that was close and stayed that way! It’s very encouraging!

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  3. So sorry. The longer we live, the fewer there are around us. They take our memories of the fun times with them, and suddenly there’s no one left who knows the same things we do. I have one cousin. We are going to IKEA on Tuesday, for a day out.

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  4. I’m sorry 😦 . It must be feel so bad to lose a cousin, I shiver by the mere thought of it. I have many cousins who I had met in my uncle’s wedding around 4 years back, never met since then, can’t imagine to be reunited again without even a single one not being there. 😦

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