flamin’ hot!


not ‘my’ cheetos truck, but at least you can get a feel for it

driving home from school 

behind a giant truck load o’ cheetos

and i thought ‘oh, man..’

 couldn’t help but daydream

about what would happen 

if the back doors blew open

and my favorite flamin’ hot cheetos

spilled everywhere

and i had to take home a car load of bags

just to help clean up the mess

and it might make me very happy at the same time. 

who wouldn’t consider this, i ask you?

“i was trying to daydream, but my mind kept wandering.”

-steven wright

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  1. hahahaha! This is fantastic, Beth. Funnily enough, I actually was a sales rep for Frito-Lay in another space-time continuum. Meaning, many years ago. When my oldest son was very little, he would climb up in the truck as I cleaned the inside prior to the weekend. And, what did he want? Cookies and, yep, hot cheetos. Of course. Awesome.

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  2. I’m sure you’ve had some of your little ones looking for a hug, and all you can see is their orange fingers that they’ve licked 100 times reaching out. Hazards of the job.

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  3. THIS made me think of a video I saw where people where eating hot cheetos like cereal. Putting it in a bowl, putting milk on it, and enjoy. Of course everyone dreaded the idea of it. But all of the videos I saw…the people liked it. PLEASE try it and let us know!

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